I clean private homes and business offices. Included in my service are the following: Windows sills wiped, doors and door frames wiped, cobwebs removed, all floors vacuumed, mopped, and all ledges dusted.


  • tubs, shower stalls, tiles
  • toilets
  • sinks, counters, soap dishes etc
  • mirrors
  • baseboards
  • all fixtures
  • floors vacuumed and mopped


  • outside of all appliances
  • inside of microwave
  • toaster emptied
  • outside of all cabinetry
  • countertops
  • sinks and fixtures
  • tables, chairs wiped down
  • floor

Bedrooms, Living/Rec rooms, Hallways, Offices, etc:

  • dusting of all knickknacks, photo frames, televisions etc
  • dusting of all furniture
  • vacuum sofas, chairs
  • vacuum floors, area rugs
  • mopping of wood or tile
  • dry mopping of wood floors


There is no extra charge for inside windows, however it must be specified prior to my arrival that you would like windows cleaned as it is time consuming. There is also no extra charge for cleaning inside cabinets or refrigerators, but again it must be specified prior to my arrival to allow for extra time.